10 beliefs I stand by

Of course, there are times when I go against my own beliefs, but I really try to stick to them and often have to remind myself of what is important.
Negativity is not worth your energy. You only have one life to live, so make the most of it. There is literally no point in wasting your time on negative things. Whether it be whining about being tired or lazy or just bad weather – let it go. If someone is getting on your nerves – get some distance. If you do not like what your life is – change it! I too am sometimes guilty of letting negativity cloud my thoughts, but as soon as I realize I’m doing it again, I try to stop and either think about other (more positive) things or simply change things around if possible.
Say YES to everything that does not collide with your morality and/or your personality. I have a problem with the sentence “Say YES to eeeverything.”. Does it also mean going along with things I do not like or what I discourage? Why would I want to do that? Just no. I think it is important to stay true to yourself, but of course, push out of your comfort zone whenever you are presented with an opportunity to experience something amazing or possibly fun! Just remember it is smart to always begin with asking “What could the worst outcome be?”. Be prepared. Be bold. Life is for the living.
Beauty lies in details. I always have to look things more closely to see if they are what they appear to be. The general sight might be a-okay, but if the details are not on point, it shows the lack of time, energy, and commitment. This also goes for people. If I take the time to get to know someone, I always fall for the little things that make someone special and different. It’s what I will remember about them once our ways have parted.
What goes around comes around. Karma. If you are nice to me, I am nice to you. If I want you to be nice to me, I will be nice to you. If something goes wrong, I always think whether it was induced by me or simply by unfortunate circumstances.
Think before you speak. Think, but not overthink! Is what you’re going to say kind? True? Necessary?
Surround yourself with what/who makes you happy. Easy said, not so easy done. I always find it hard to let go of people even when I know they are not having a good impact on me. I search for excuses and little good things in them, but at the end of the day, if they make me feel crappy or make me go against some of the points listed here, then sorry, but I will not be around for too long.
Be kind. This is something my former colleague said and it really stuck with me. It is so important to be kind to people, yet we forget about it too often. Why be mean?
Criticism is the most powerful tool for growing as a person. Whenever someone criticizes me, I TRY to take it constructively. They must have seen something and felt the need to express themselves, hence there must be a grain of truth and something to consider changing. Of course, there are exceptions for the people you should listen to and there is a difference between being rude and being genuine.
Less speak, more DO! This goes mostly for little everyday things, but also for uncertain distant plans. It also goes hand in hand with point number 5 – would the person you are talking to actually benefit from the information you are providing? Is it worth their time and yours? Did they ask about it? If you actually did the thing you are telling people you are going to do, you would save so much time.
Never compare yourself to anyone but your own past self. This is something I struggle with a lot. I compare myself to my past self every day……aaaand I compare myself to everyone around me every day. Constant race.
Here I wish to look at whoever (if anyone) is reading this – do you agree with any of them or disagree with some? What are other important beliefs one should live by?

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