If you know what this means – props to you, my friend. Most do not.
I’ve enjoyed watching YouTube for around…8-9 years now. Obviously, I was not the most social teenager, but I found comfort in watching strangers sharing their lives with the Internet (and with other kids that didn’t have the guts to go out and make real friends)…which sort of means that I was a creep? I enjoyed the fact that these people were able to turn on the camera and share a story or just make an effort to try and make you laugh. Nowadays, YouTube is a full-time work for so many people. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I feel like for many content makers the roughness has left their creation and their videos feel scripted and very commercial…almost cringy even. Thus I’ve abandoned some and started watching others, but I do still often make my way to YouTube instead of watching a TV show.
I have to bring out one channel that has had a particularly big impact on me, and that’s VlogBrothers. It consists of John and Hank Green, who as brothers started making videos 11 years ago instead of writing emails to keep in touch with each other. They managed to form an audience and the people formed a community called Nerdfighteria. Next to VlogBrothers, they have started many side channels, my favorite of which are CrashCourse and SciShow – proving that YouTube can be both entertaining and educational (for example: Why Don’t Humans Have Penis Bones?). In 2010 they also started hosting video conferences called VidCon (which I hope to one day take part in) in order to bring together viewers, creators and industry representatives from all over the world.
So here we go – as a tribute to the community of YouTube, I’ve decided to do VEDIF – Video Every Day In February. Meaning that I’ll TRY to be posting every day of the month and the videos will mostly be filmed in February but not necessarily on the same day because I want to put a little more effort into some of them (vlogs and such) and I am aware of the amount of time it takes to edit a decent video. I am usually not a very serious-business person, so some of them will be really bad, short, and silly. I’ve also decided that they should be unlisted, not public, and I will post them on the blog’s little video snippet on the right sidebar. So if you stumble on the blog, you see the video of the day, if not…you won’t miss anything important.
Also, if you wish to do one video together, please let me know and we can try to make it happen. There is nothing more fun than collaborating with friends and later looking back on it. 🙂 Only my sister has no say in this. She HAS TO do one with me. That’s right. No escape.
Edit: I was trying to take a featured image for this post and one shot ended up extremely overexposed & overenthusiastic, almost saying “I would be taking selfies if only I knew how to use this camera”:

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