Bringing your inner fairy out.

My dear sis made her 30th birthday into a magical role-playing party and in need of a costume, I decided to go for the obvious choice in my case – white, sparkly and real graceful. Who dares to argue?

It all started with a sketch of how the dress should be made:


Very…very clear, yes. Can’t go wrong.

Then comes the cutting of the fabric:


Excellent. Then you sew it all together just as seen on the sketch and you should end up with something like this:


If you want to make your slippery-slippers also sehr schön, then just glue some lace, ribbon and pearls and shit on it:


And when it comes to a headpiece…well you don’t expect me to make EVERYTHING myself, right? Just order it from Aliexpress for 1.36 euros:


Voilá! Questions? 🙂

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