About me

My background

I come from a little place called Pärnu in Estonia and have spent most of my life bulleting through education while doing sports and working in various positions. I have obtained a degree in Mathematics and tried being a programming teacher, a research assistant, a translator and a bar assistant. My hobbies include archery, sailing, pop pilates, reading, drawing, making videos, programming, and traveling.

I also enjoy writing about places and people and capturing stories on videos. I like to believe that beauty lies in details, creativity, and originality. And also in punctuality. Math!


This year was a proper rollercoaster in my life as I quit my job, quit uni, did three volunteering trips in Europe and finally turned down a year long EVS offer in the UK in order to start a career in Estonia. At the moment? I am a Mathematical Finance Master’s dropout. I have been a volunteer, a working traveler and I have worked on temporary positions between volunteer projects in order to cover the costs of transportation and participation. I was a bar assistant and then a cashier in a Film Museum (hands down best job in my life so far) until I was hired as a full-stack developer in a small company.


Work, work, work. Moving apartments. Dermatography. Starting running (or jogging, am snail) through mud and over obstacles. Getting a dog (is Godzilla actually). Travels coming up soon.


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