2019 in a (tough) nutshell

Time spent listening to music on Spotify - 88 917 minutes Festivals attended - 2 (HRL & Dour) Books read - 5: Mark Manson - "Everything is Fucked" Matt Haig - "Reasons To Stay Alive" Adam Haslett - "Imagine Me Gone" Connor Franta - "Note To Self" Chase Jarvis - "Creative Calling" Trips abroad taken … Continue reading 2019 in a (tough) nutshell

2018 in a nutshell

2018 has passed and left me with...contentedness. It was a year of full-time working and attempting to be an adult, but mostly failing and falling in every sense. I developed an allergy that I never had before. I wish I had traveled more, I wish I would have listened to my body more and I … Continue reading 2018 in a nutshell