Cooking with my sister again! This time it’s a cake!

The best BMX video of 2018 aka happy birthday to Sander! 🙂

A random sounds like music compilation I used for rocktoriin. Half of the credit goes to sis. And yes, you may see me falling there…once…maybe twice…k, maybe three times.

Year 23 in my life. (Year 24 is in the making, so please don’t mind me walking around with a camera.)

VEDIF 6 – cooking with my sister. Cannot stop laughing at this one.

A masterpiece my friends made for my birthday.

Skating with my homie Lauri.

My dad starring in a video of “How Estonians feed their horses”.

What video editing feels like.

What being a junior developer feels like.

A video of the one and only – Dour Music Festival 2017.

Some clips from fairytale Bruges.

A video of my first volunteer camp ever – IBG01 2017 in Aach, Germany. (I know it’s long, but I could not leave anything out. I love the place and I love the people.)

A video introducing the Intelligent Computer Vision research group where I worked for half of 2016. Filming and editing by me.

During the summer of 2015, I decided to record most of my free-time and edit it together for a little video. Apologies for the rough quality.

And same summer – ORC championships.

A video I did with two of my former classmates for a local competition called Rahva Tujurikkuja 2014.

A video I did with my sister for the same competition, mocking the Estonian winter that year.

Another video with my sister. It’s a commercial for…a bag. Enough said.

A video to promote the usage of smoke alarms, also done in 2014. Filmed and edited by my sister, I contributed with “acting skills”.

And another one made by my sister in 2016, promoting a local event. I was simply starring in the video.

And a rather old one! A silly little promotional video I made with my sister for an event/party in 2012.